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Nepal Celebrates Dogs And Their Treasured Love During Kurkur Tihar Festival

National Dog Day is already famous, but do you know that some cultures in the world throw huge festivals every year to honor their beloved dogs?

In Nepal, a festival called Tihar is held annually to celebrate the enduring relationship between people and Hindu deities as well as sacred animals like crows, ravens, and cows.

Nepal is unique in that it dedicates the second day of the festival, Kukur Tihar, to honor the special nature of human relationships to dogs. This elaborate festive day surprises the world not only by how people put dogs on pedestals but also the way they adore love and loyalty of dogs.

According to Hindu tradition, dogs are messengers of Yama, the god of death. There are two of them serving as guards at the gate of the underworld. So, all dogs get special recognition and honor on this special day.

During Kukur Tihar, you can see happy dogs wearing flower garlands made to their sizes, showing a deep reverence from faithful prayers in the country.

More importantly, not only house pets are respected but literally all including stray dogs. They are yet decorated with the sacred tikka, the paste we usually see marked on the forehead of Hindu followers. The best part of the festivities, especially for the homeless, is the food offering blessing yet tasty meals for all pups.

The festival is where visitors can see as many happy dogs as they can imagine. Those who take part in the festival have a strong belief that if painted dogs cross their way, that means high bless and luck.

Do you love dogs? What do you think about this festival? Feel free to let us know your thoughts in comments below and don’t forget to share this special day to your friends and your family members!

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