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Malaysian Artist Creates Funny And Cute Cat Comics To Spread Positive Energy To Everyone

Olive Yong is a self-taught artist from Malaysia who is obsessed with animals, especially cats. That’s the reason why she finds her inspiration in these furry friends and decides to create short comics, quote series, animated songs, and illustrations about them. The artist believes that cats can enrich the lives of humans, and her adorable cat comics are guaranteed to make people happier.

Olive shared that she created these comics and illustrations as a way to copy her cat’s mischievous attitude. She owns an Instagram art account named “bichi.mao”, where she often uploads and shares her art with everyone. Through these funny and cute comics, she wants to spread positivity and happiness to people around her.

“I started my comics and illustrations as a way to mimic my cat’s naughty attitude (that’s how the name “bichi.mao” was born). My main motivation is my want to spread positive energy to people in a funny and cute way,” the artist shared.

If you need more cuteness and happiness, check out Olive’s adorable cat comics in the gallery below, and make sure you follow her on Instagram.






























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