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10+ Photos That Prove Cats Are Too Good For This World

We do love all animals and have always been fans of cats. And if you are a cat lover too, we are sure that you won’t fall short of reasons to love these furry friends. They have many good qualities; they’re cuddly, smart, and empathetic. They are known as the cutest beings on earth thanks to their cuteness, humor, and loyalty. Aside from being intelligent, elegant, and beautiful, cats are actually good for our health. Many scientific studies have shown that cats can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and improve our immune system.

In honor of our beloved cats, we collected 16 photos that prove how awesome cats really are. After seeing these photos, you will realize that you don’t deserve cats at all because they are too pure and good for this world. If you don’t believe, scroll down to check for yourself!

#1. This proud cat mama that showed off her baby to her human mama

#2. This floofy friend that was happy to be a phone holder in return for extra cuddles

#3. This floofy friend that was happy to be a phone holder in return for extra cuddles

#4. These two cuties who just want cuddles and belly rubs, please

#5. This gentle giant who made a new, colorful friend

#6. This little guy who wanted hugs instead of treats

#7. This cat who was very tired, but still wanted to help

#8. This kind cat who brought a stick inside for their favorite pupper

#9. This big sis who came to the rescue when her baby sister’s toy got stuck

#10. This typically shy cutie who gave a good morning boop to their bearded dragon pal

#11. This cat that’s so chill, their best friend is a bird

#12. This loyal lady who was found on the patio six months ago and is now celebrating their human’s citizenship (and newfound love of cats) with some much-deserved fish

#13. This family’s cat that welcomed their newly adopted pup with open arms — or, uh, paws

#14. This cat that didn’t care much for veggies but pretended to eat them so their bunny friend didn’t dine alone

#15. This cat that was ready to work, uniform and all

#16. This responsible cat that was in their seat and ready to learn way before the bell rang

#17. This fluffy boi who insisted on having his paw held while he slept

#18. And finally, this cutie who made a goofy pose to cheer up their favorite human

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