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10+ People Who Wanted A Dog But Ended Up With A House Bear

Dogs or bears? We are sure that this will be your question after seeing this post. As you know, some dogs are so big that they’re more like bears. However, these large canine friends do not seem to realize they’re giants. For this reason, sometimes our fuzzy companions believe they’re still puppies and can fit anywhere and in any position. But no matter how large they are and what their breeds are, all these ’babies’ really want is to be loved and cared for by their owners. Moreover, these cute “puppies” can steal our hearts. So, rather than getting a dog, you end up with a “giant house bear.”

However, when you have a big dog, you’re a lucky person. If you don’t believe it, scroll down to see 24 photos that will offer all the proof you need.

h/t: Bright Side

#1. Did you even notice the girl in this photo?

#2. “May I have this dance?”

#3. It seems someone will have to stay on the sofa as long as the dog wants to.

#4. Nothing unusual here, just an average Spanish Mastiff…

#5. “Excuse me, what’s for dinner tonight?”

#6. “Excuse me, what’s for dinner tonight?”

#7. “This is Ginger. She’s my new Tibetan Mastiff puppy. That’s right. PUPPY.”

#8. A good friend will always help you get something from the top shelf.

#9. You don’t need a sofa with a dog like this.

#10. Kids grow so fast…but dogs grow even faster.

#11. “I’m 6 feet tall and the dog next to me is Shamir.”

#12. “I may have gotten bigger but my desire to be held has remained constant.”

#13. Perfect sun protection

#14. The most charming dire wolf in the world

#15. Everyone loves hugs.

#16. “I’ll sit here for a while. I’m not too heavy, am I?”

#17. Nothing can scare you when you have such a giant friend.

#18. It’s hard to believe that both of these dogs descended from wolves.

#19. When you’re a good boy but your owner is always stroking the cat:

#20. “He looks more like a human in a dog’s costume.”

#21. Is that a dog or a bear?

Do you want to have a giant dog? Let us know your favorite pics and share your dogs with us in comments.

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