People Plan To Skip Fireworks Display To Comfort Scared Shelter Dogs

According to CNN, this year marks the 43rd year of the Macy’s 4th of July Fireworks Show. Over three million spectators across three of New York City’s boroughs, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens will watch the amazing show, which takes place over the city’s East River. In addition, this year will also feature a firework explosions from the Brooklyn Bridge. It sounds awesome, right?

However, for pups sensitive to loud noises, July 4 isn’t a wonderful day. Fireworks can cause our canine friends to cower under the bed or even run out of our house. They cannot find the way back home or do not want to come back because of being scared. For this reason, many dogs go missing on July 4 every year. Thankfully, these furry friends still have kind owners who love them and can comfort them in any situations.

Sadly, as for shelter dogs who don’t even have homes, they can only cower alone in a corner of their cages until the firework blasts are over. So, one shelter came up with a brilliant idea to help these homeless pups relax through the holiday.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control (MCACC) gave a new Independence Day tradition called “Calming the Canines” with the hope that it will calm the shelter dogs and even prove that kindness is patriotic.

As the first “Calming the Canines” turned out last year, the event had super positive impacts. Over 300 people from the community went to the shelter’s two locations around Phoenix, Arizona to help the shelter and the poor animals.

“It was overwhelming to see how the community responded,” Ben Swan, the shelter’s development director, said in a press release. “It really helped spread our message that MCACC is here to help.”

Amy Engel, the executive of AZ Dawg Saverz Facebook page, wrote about her experience when she attended Calming the Canines last year:

“Some people sang to them, some people read to them, some people just sat there and gave treats!” Engel wrote about her experience last year. “It was so, so awesome because the dogs absolutely love the attention and were focused on the people and not the fireworks going on outside.” Engle also said that she definitely planned on attending this year, too.

“Many participants developed lasting relationships with the shelter, returning to provide foster care, adopt a pet or volunteer,” the MCACC wrote.

After last year’s success, the shelter continues to hold the program and hopes that even more meaningful actions will be made and kindness will be spread to individuals who need it.

That’s truly something to celebrate. Please share this story to help the poor animals and encourage your local shelter to start a program like this.

h/t: The Dodo

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