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These Heart-Melting Photos Could Illustrate What Real Love Looks Like

Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and guises. From the thankful eyes of a dog that you’ve just saved or a precious “gift” from your cat who loves you unconditionally. Keep in mind that true love is found in simple things, coming from the earth. So, just open your heart, and you will realize the simple love around you.

If you think love is hard to imagine, we are here to help you know what real love should look like. We have collected some heart-melting photos that could illustrate love in a picture dictionary. After seeing these pictures, we had an urge to hug our loved ones, and we hope they’ll touch your hearts too. Scroll down to enjoy!

#1. Find someone who hugs you like this doggo hugs his human

#2. My neighbor fostered a pregnant kitty… Here’s momma protecting her kittens who were born last night

#3. Here’s my dog wondering what to do with the new kitty who suddenly decided to love him

#4. A few weeks ago I adopted a 12-year-old cat. She buries her face in my hand when she wants more love

#5. Our girl Lucy had 12 puppies today. Enjoy this proud mama and her pile of youngins

#6. My cat learned that the alarm sound means I wake up, and she snuggles on my chest right afterward

#7. Jasper is my neighbor’s dog. I can’t leave the house much due to health issues, so anytime he sees me he RUNS back inside his house to bring me back out one of his favorite toys

#8. My cat loves to sleep like this and it’s undeniably the cutest thing I’ve ever experienced

#9. A really wholesome moment caught on camera

#10. This sleepy girl turned 13 last week. I took her to her favorite beach to celebrate

#11. Brought this baby girl home from the shelter today and she hasn’t left my side since

#12. They never stop being our little puppies, no matter how big they are

#13. I’m on the ride home from adopting this guy

#14. This looks like their engagement photo

#15. Hugs that warm better than a blanket on a windy night

#16. He wasn’t feeling well and everyone wanted to help

#17. All we need is LOVE

#18. As I was saying goodbye, my dog did this

Do you have a cute picture of love and kindness? Feel free to share with us in comments below!

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