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The Second Chance At Life Of A Little Mouse Who Was Rescued From Cat’s Mouth

Fridolin, a little mouse who had a difficult start and nearly died in the mouth of a cat. Before he was seen the first light of life, he and his beloved mother were attacked by the cat. Sadly, his mom did not survive this attack and the little guy was dropped on the floor.

Luckily, a child witnessed what happened and saved Fridolin. Since that day, his life has changed. Some kind humans became a new family for him, spoiled him and gave him a happy home.

Amazingly, Fridolin grew fast and made the best of his second chance at life.  Sometimes life gives us a new chance and he shows that it is up to us how we use it. Be like Fridolin: Enjoy the little things in life!

Scroll down to enjoy his life in his new home!

More info: Instagram

#1. Grooming time

#2. Fridolin enjoying the warm sun

#3. That is more comfortable than it looks

#4. Oh, that’s fluffy!

#5. Time for a little nap!

#6. Am I the cutest?

#7. I need more muscles!

#8. I can smell summer

#9. Do you see me?

#10. That’s a big hill

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