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The Second Chance At Life Of A Little Mouse Who Was Rescued From Cat’s Mouth

Fridolin is a little mouse who had a difficult start and nearly died in the mouth of a cat. Before he saw the first light of life, he and his beloved mother were attacked by a cat. Sadly, his mom did not survive this attack, and the little guy was dropped on the floor.

Luckily, a child witnessed what happened and saved Fridolin. Since that day, his life has changed. Some kind humans became a new family for him, spoiled him, and gave him a happy home.

Amazingly, Fridolin grew fast and made the most of his second chance at life.  Sometimes life gives us a new chance, and he shows that it is up to us how we use it. Be like Fridolin: Enjoy the little things in life!

Scroll down to enjoy his life in his new home!

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#1. Oh, That’s Fluffy!

#2. Am I The Cutest?

#3. Grooming Time

#4. Grooming Time

#5. Mommy, Where Is My Milk?

#6. Mommy, Where Is My Milk?

#7. Do You See Me?

#8. I Can Smell Summer

#9. That’s A Big Hill

#10. I Need More Muscles!

#11. The Ground Is So Far Away!

#12. Hey There, I’m Fridolin

#13. Upside Down

#14. Time For A Little Nap!

#15. Again A Tired Little Fridolin

#16. Flowers For Everyone!

#17. Bed Of Flowers

#18. Tired After The Shoot

#19. Let’s Discover This Flower

#20. That’s Tasty

#21. That Is More Comfortable Than It Looks

#22. Sleepy Baby

h/t: Bored Panda

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