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Cat And Meerkat Are Best Friends And Love To Cuddle With Each Other

The world is full of unlikely friendships, and the animal kingdom is no different. Meet Nice, a six-year-old cat, and his best friend, a 2-year-old meerkat named Suria. They are two inseparable companions from Saint Petersburg, Russia.

According to their owner, Ekaterina Kuraeva, the two animals became best friends six years ago, when Nice was 2 years old and Surya was just a baby. They love snuggling up together to cuddle and scratch one another gently. They can spend all day together, do everything together, and love each other to the point of jealousy.

Their bond is so strong that their owner decided to film the duo’s cuddle sessions in some adorable videos that quickly went viral on social media. She also snaps some cute photos and shares them on the duo’s Instagram profile, where they have gained over 36.000 followers.

“Suria is definitely the most affectionate one, but Nice loves the meerkat too, he loves playing with him and licking him up. Suria is very jealous when I spend time with the cat; when I take him in my arms, he gets nervous and starts jumping trying to get him back,” Ekaterina said.

Kuraeva is happy when the animals get along and even become best friends. If you want to see more cute photos of these two best buds, scroll down to check out! We also recommend visiting their Instagram to update the latest videos and photos.

They love to cuddle with each other.

Lying together on the floor.

This unlikely pair’s story goes to show that best friends can come in all shapes and sizes. If this story brings you happiness and comfort, please share it with your friends and family members!

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