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This Husky Was Rejected By A Breeder Due To Her Silly Face And Funny Appearance

Dogs are man’s best friends and are such a big part of our lives, so we need to give them the best care possible. Sadly, not all dogs are loved unconditionally and some struggle to find their forever home despite having an adorable and great personality.

The story of a dog named Jubilee that was rejected because of her imperfections is heartbreaking. Jubilee was born with eyes that do not align in the usual way. This is called congenital strabismus, also known as crossed eyes.

Image credits: Facebook

She was discarded by a breeder due to her looks and has been struggling to find a forever home ever since. Though the cross-eyed husky is a sweet and adoptable dog with an adorable personality, she always fails in finding her forever home.

Workers in the Husky House shared Jubilee’s story on Facebook in the hope of finding him a happy forever home. The post quickly went viral because a lot of people commented and shared it. While some people hated her look, others expressed a wish to adopt her.

Image credits: Facebook

Husky House requires home visits because not everyone is honest. They said that many people adopted pets and then dumped them in local shelters.

However, Husky House hasn’t received many official applications, even though all these comments say they want her. For this reason, she’s still up for adoption. We hope that Jubilee will find a forever home soon where she will be loved and cared.

UPDATE – Thanks to everyone who shared Jubilee’s story. She has found her forever home with previous Husky House adopters and joins her new fur-siblings in a wonderful new life!

If you are interested in adopting other dogs at Husky House, you can apply at Please share this post with your friends and family members!

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