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35 Cats Who Are Living Their Best Lives While Quarantined

16. That’s how serious they are when it comes to self-isolating.

17. Trying to do some work

18. Feeling bored? Play games.

19. He looks like he wants to show off his style to his friends.

20. Love during quarantine

21. Dressing up

22. Whether on self-isolation or not, cats sleep almost all day.

23. You don’t really have to do complicated exercises at home.

24. When you’re at home with the boss

25. Is that cat broken or is it just the way she looks?

26. It’s my time.

27. The birds are lucky that cats are self-isolating.

28. You can’t go out on dates when you’re self-isolating.

29. The more time you spend on self-isolation, the stronger the urge to escape your home.

30. It’s like having your boss micromanaging you.

31. The pressure and stress are just too much to handle.

32. Is it over yet?

33. No one is leaving the house or the cat behind.

34. Getting some sunlight

35. The new co-workers

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