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Stray Cat Follows Man Home And Decides To Stay Forever

A man named Connor Manning was walking home in Los Angeles, when he came across a cute stray kitten. The man was feeling a bit depressed after going through a breakup, but he couldn’t just walk past it without petting and giving the little cutie some cuddles.

Manning could see that the cat had a difficult live on the streets because she was incredibly skinny, dirty and flea-ridden.

But surprisingly, the affectionate and very cute stray kitten cheered him up. After getting some cuddles, the furry little darling didn’t forget to show him that she loved the cuddles. The sweet kitty hopped into his lap and refused to leave.

She followed him all the way home, came inside to explore, and decided to turn the house into her forever home.

“After about five minutes, I started getting up to head home and she was SUPER scared,” Manning told The Dodo. “So I crouched down and she ran right over to me again. And we repeated this process for about four blocks until we were on my porch.”

Manning decided to give the cat a name Socks. After months of living on the streets, she had finally found a forever home to stay. We are happy to know that she is enjoying her happy life with her beloved human that she chosen.

Manning is allergic to cats, but it would be difficult for him to part with the extremely loving cat. “I was in love,” Manning said. “After a few days of having allergy medicine in my system, I started feeling fine!”

“She’s a little sweetie, loves meeting new people and [is] full of energy,” Manning said. “Watching her go from a bone-thin lethargic baby covered in fleas into this little pounce machine has been so rewarding.”

Watch the full story in the video below:

If you love Socks, you can follow her Instagram account to update her daily life. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family members!

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