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30 Hilarious Pictures That Prove Cats Are The Biggest Jerks To Dogs

#16 My Big Dog Won’t Pass The Cat Or Even Make Eye Contact For That Matter

#17 Dog Lost Today

#18 I Heard My Dog Growling And Went To Check On Her

#19 Poor Dog!

#20 My Cat Stealing The Dogs Bone

#21 My Dog Is Scared Of The Cat And She Knows It

#22 My Dog Gets Scared Of My Dog

#23 You Keep Sleeping And I Keep Playing!

#24 He Pretends To Be Nice To The Dog, But He’s Really Just A Jerk

#25 My Cat Thinks He’s A Dog. And My Dog Is Unamused

#26 Send Me The Catnip And The Dog Lives

#27 My Dog Is A Saint, Cat Not So Much

#28 Found An Old Series Of Pictures From When My Dog And Cat First Met. It Did Not Go Well For My Dog

#29 Louie Is Begging Me, With His Eyes, To Make Allie Move

#30 “Kayla Come!” She Doesn’t Come, I’m Going To Check… The Still Dog That Cries, And The Cat That Doesn’t Give A Damn

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