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10+ Baby Animals That Will Give You Instant Heart Eyes

#11. Double the adorableness

#12. He might be a baby, but he still looks strong.

#13. They seem to be enjoying their new bed.

#14. Baby Pangolin wants to ask you something important.

#15. Who said skunks can’t be adorable?

#16. We know the dog isn’t a baby, but he’s still a good boy for taking care of one!

#17. Baby pits could melt ice with their smiles.

#18. How you look after you break your mom’s vase:

#19. 10/10 would boop its nose.

#20. Otters are the friendlier version of cats.

#21. One kitten not enough? How about 11?

#22. Ducklings deserve all the head rubs in the world.

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