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Woman Stops Car To Rescue Tiny Kitten Trapped On Busy Highway

This is the heartwarming moment a woman stopped her car to rescue a stray kitten stranded in a busy highway. Joana was driving home when she noticed a frightened cat waiting for someone to stop and save him.

Joana left her car and rushed over to help the frightened cat. She tried to speak softly and gently as she coaxed the kitten to follow her. “I was just thinking, just please be friendly because I didn’t have a trap, I didn’t have a carrier, I didn’t have even a blanket. I called him and he came, I picked him up and I felt only bones and skin,” Joana said.

She went straight to her car and saw that he had a lot of mange. He was very skinny and weak. She brought him home, fed him and named him Basel.

“The first week was a little hard. I gave him a lot of medicated baths. I gave him a lot of coconut oil treatments as well. And in a week everything was falling off.”

After two weeks, he was a completely different cat. When Joana found him, he was just 4 pounds, but now, he is so much, so much better. “When I found him, he was 4 pounds, so he’s 10 pounds more.”

Basel is now enjoying his life with his foster mom. He is waiting for someone who will love him and give him a good home that he deserves.

Watch the full rescue here:

Woman Stops Car To Save This Tiny Kitten

This tiny kitten was waiting by the highway for someone to stop and save him ????

Posted by The Dodo on Monday, March 23, 2020

“I would do this again and I will do it for the next one. And I will continue to do it because again, one little thing can save a whole life. For me I think the most rewarding thing is just seeing them in new homes. And for him, I’m sure he’s going to find his forever home,” Joana shared.

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