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Sweet Pit Bull Finds His Forever Home After 981 Days Of Waiting

Meet Nitro, a sweet pit bull who was found as a stray on streets by a Good Samaritan in late August of 2016. The person quickly brought the stray to the Brookhaven Animal Shelter in New York in the hope that he would find his forever home.

When Nitro came to the shelter, all the staffers and shelter volunteers immediately fell in love with him. For this reason, everyone assumed this little guy would be adopted by good owners in no time at all.

Unfortunately, it’s now been over 3 years (981 days), and Nitro is still waiting in his cage at the shelter, praying his forever family is out there looking for him. Although everyone at the shelter loves and cares for him, it’s not the same as having a loving home.

“He is handling shelter life pretty hard,” Brittany Broderick, a volunteer at Brookhaven Animal Shelter, told The Dodo. “He will cry in his kennel thinking when will his day come, but when he’s out of his kennel, he will have a big smile on his face, and is loved by so many volunteers.”

Despite his struggles with handling shelter life, Nitro is still a sweet and gentle dog. He has a huge smile on his face that can brighten the days of staffs at the shelter. And of course, his big smile will surely brighten the lives of any lucky adopter who is willing to give him a forever home.

“All he wants is to be loved and be at home where he belongs,” Broderick said. “Not a shelter.”

We are happy to announce that he is now living happily with his owners. After more than 3 years of waiting at the shelter, Nitro finally found his loving home and his beloved owners that he deserves.

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