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Survey Finds Dog Owners Kiss Their Pups More Than Their Partners

Recently, a dog food company Riley’s Organics conducted a survey to find out just how close dog owners are to their beloved pets. After asking dog owners across the United States, the company found that people are willing to show affection toward canine friends, and dogs sometimes get more love than humans.

According to the survey, 52% of dog owners across the U.S. said they kiss their dogs more than their partners, and 61% said they kiss their dogs on the mouth. This trend also translated into the bedroom. Out of those surveyed, 52% claimed they prefer to sleep with their pets, not their partners, in the bed.

The survey also showed 94% of pet parents who responded said they consider their dog as one of family members and they adore them all the time. For this reason, no wonder dog parents love to show their dogs so much affection.

Survey says: don’t be ashamed to show your pup some love. Chances are your partner or spouse is showering your pooch with just as many kisses!

Do you love kissing your dog? Let us know your thoughts in comments and don’t forget to share this survey with your friends and family!

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