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German Shepherd Becomes Best Friends With Tiny Owl And Protects Him

Do you believe that an owl and a dog can become best friends? It sounds crazy, and your answer may be no. However, we are sure that you will change your mind after seeing adorable photos of unlikely friendship in our story today.

This story is about Ingo and Poldi, an incredible pair of unlikely buddies. Ingo is a beautiful Belgian Shepherd and is rather large, and Poldi is an adorable little owl. It looks strange to see the giant dog getting along so well with an undomesticated animal such as Poldi.

Poldi is a bit weaker than his brothers and sisters, so he needs more attention, care, and protection. For this reason, Ingo always stays with Poldi and offers his love and protection. These two just make the cutest pair of buddies ever.

Thankfully, Tanja Brandt, a professional animal photographer and artist from Germany, has captured some nice and playful moments of Ingo and Poldi on camera. Through her lens, she showed the world their beautiful friendship. They are a great example of what happens when you put aside differences to get along.











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