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Students Are Trying To Stop People From Feeding This Cat – And This Is Reason Why

It is hard to say no to your beloved furry friends when they ask for a bite of your food. And of course, you are completely happy when sharing food with them. However, a college in California is informing students that they must stop feeding their campus cat as he’s getting too fat.

“Cheeto, the ginger cat who hangs out around the Physics building, is looking more and more like a cheese puff. Please don’t feed him. He’s overweight and squirrels eat the extra food,” they wrote on their Facebook page.

Cheeto is an orange chunky cat who is living in the college’s physics building. All students love him so much, so they always pet him and give him food. That is why Cheeto has become far too overweight and his insatiable appetite must be curbed. So, the students of campus came up with an ingenious and hilarious graph to stop everyone from feeding him and avoid causing to health problems for him.

“His name is Cheeto and he has a DESIGNATED feeder from the physics department every morning! We quite like this cat as he provides valuable emotional support when Physics shatters our souls. He has become far too overweight and for his health, please do not feed him – no matter how much he begs! And he will beg. Because he knows we are suckers! Also, the squirrels like to eat the extra food, and they are getting heart disease (see Figure 1).”

Figure 1: The correlation between Cheeto’s food ratios and squirrel heart disease.

Some people on the Internet really love the story and how the students teamed up to create funny posters and care for Cheeto.

Please share with your friends especially pet owners to manage their pet diet and protect their health.

h/t: Bored Panda

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