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Stray Dog Sees A Pup Tied Up And Comes To Help Free Him From Rope

Earlier this week, Dmitriy Timchenko and his friend were visiting a store in the town of Novorossiysk, Russia, when they saw a touching scene of canine solidarity that they will never forget. Thankfully, they filmed the precious moments on camera and shared it on Instagram.

The video showed a stray dog helped free a tied-up pup from his chain. He approached the pup and began to loosen the knot until the pit bull was free. The stray dog even invited his new friend to join in his adventures. At first, the pit bull was reluctant, but after, he also agreed to go with the stray.

The stray dog thought that the pit bull had been abandoned, so he worked to set him free. However, the pup had merely been left there momentarily by his owner, who was shopping inside the store. Seeing the pit bull about to wander off with his new partner, Timchenko and his friend quickly intervened and helped the pet’s owner keep him.

“We went into the store and called the owner on the loudspeaker,” Timchenko said. “She came outside to get her dog.” The owner never thinks that she can lose his canine friend by one furry passerby.

It had all been a big misunderstanding, but nobody can deny that the stray dog’s heart was clearly in the right place. “I’ve seen this stray dog around town many times,” Timchenko said. “He always uses the crosswalk to cross the street. He’s a very smart dog.”

No one knows exactly where the stray dog came from, but he seems to be in good health, faring well his life on the streets. However, we hope that one day soon someone will give him a forever home and offer him the same kindness that he’s shown.

What a sweet story! Please share it with everyone!

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