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Sleeping Foster Kittens Wake Up When They Hear Food Being Opened

Sam Mannell is currently fostering a group of kittens through SPCA New Zealand. The tiny kittens are just 3 weeks old and still figuring out the world around them. For this reason, Mannell will take care of them until they are ready for adoption.

“They’re bottle-fed and a little timid but starting to play now,” Mannell told The Dodo. “The black one thinks he’s a human, the cream girl is really sassy, the ginger boy is really independent and the little gray boy is very shy and small!”

The four kittens love to explore Mannell’s house and they have been having so much fun from the exploring. When they discovered Mannell’s couch, they quickly climbed over it to play. However, after all the exploring, they became exhausted and promptly fell asleep together.

Mannell wanted to enjoy this quiet moment, so she decided to grab a snack. But when she ripped open the chocolate bar, all four kittens woke up immediately. The cute kittens had only been asleep for about 10 to 15 minutes when Mannell sent them into a frenzy after opening food.

The kittens may be young, but, of course, they seem to know what food sounds like. Upon hearing food sounds, all of them opened their eyes at the exact same time. They watched the chocolate intently until they realized Mannell wouldn’t be sharing it with them.

“They went back to sleep straight afterwards,” Mannell said.

As soon as they slept again, Mannell was able to finally enjoy her snack and the quiet moment. She quickly finished the snack before they woke up and started exploring all over again.

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