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Senior Cat Tells His Humans He Loves Them Every Waking Moment After Being Saved From Years of Neglect

He is 12 years old and completely deaf. This incredibly affectionate cat appreciates every moment he spends with his forever humans and tells them how grateful he is each single day!

Meet Corporal Nobby Nobbs!

Before Nobbs was rescued, he had been living in a garage in Texas, neglected and deprived of love. At 12 years old, he was rough around the edges, but all he wanted was to have someone to love.

When Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League and Sanctuary came across Nobbs, he was immediately attached to her, climbed up her legs for cuddles, and held onto her for dear life.

From the moment I met him, we have been inseparable. He adores me and my husband (Gerald) and he literally tells us every waking moment,” Karyn said.

The couple has rescued countless special needs, disabled, elderly and otherwise unadoptable felines from the DFW TX area, but has never met a cat quite like Nobbs.

He’s been completely attached to his humans who can barely leave the room without him calling for them for love.

“He screams, because he has no voice control. He makes air biscuits all day long. He sleeps under the covers, in our arms,” Karyn added.

He’s the single most affectionate old man I’ve ever, ever come across.”

After years of living alone in confinement, Nobbs is pouring his heart out every day for affection. He is so happy when he gets a cuddle and returns the love with endless head snuggles.

Unconditional love!

“He gets along with all the other cats. He’s a breath of fresh air… He’s just so grateful and affectionate I can’t hardly stand it.”

Nobbs never fails to put a smile on their faces. He comforts them during difficult times at the rescue and brings them hope when they are down.

“Corporal Nobby Nobbs gets a little jealous when someone else gets attention, ok a lot of jealous, so this is normal around here.”

Nobbs demands cuddles from his human dad while he is holding Archmage Shabadoo in his arms.

“We take in cats with any existing aliments, those that can be adopted usually find loving homes and those that can’t, live out their lives with us in comfort.”

Pure bliss!

Every day when his humans get home from work, Nobbs runs to them for cuddles.

“You are home! You are home!”

He is a little rough around the edges and totally deaf, but he is the best thing on the planet,” Karyn told that.

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