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Rescued Wallaby Neonates From Australian Bushfires Found A Cozy Home

Since bushfires continuously ravage across Australia, people and organizations put heads together to help to put the fame off and meanwhile doing their best to help the wildlife. Among affected animals, baby ones are the most vulnerable as they can’t make it their owns out of the disaster.

In that scene, people at the Agile Project recently joined in a caring mission with seven rescued wallabies being at their baby state. These joeys lost their moms in the devastation.

The babies arrived frightened and wounded due to their attempt to escape. When heard about the situation, carers at the Agile Project didn’t hesitate to get involved.

As they saw the little ones, the team ultimately fell in love. Those who were in took their responsibility at the highest to provide care, treatments, as well as love. The seven wallaby babies now got their coziest beds and lots of blankets. They settled in well almost from the start and began to heal from physical to mental conditions.

The rescuers then decided to give these neonates names. The interesting and grateful part is the joeys are called by the names of those who provide great help during the catastrophe. Particularly, two boys are named after two brave firefighters died in their mission, Andrew and Geoffrey. The rest are girls called Margot Robbie, Chris Hemsworth, Celeste Barber, Rebel Wilson, and Ash Barty. They are the celebrities known to have supported in the most critical time.

Currently, the little wallabies have proper nursing they need. They can go back to the safe wild once they reach 14 months. Hope they’ll become happy wallabies in the coming time.

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