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Rescued Kangaroo Can’t Stop Hugging And Cudding Volunteers Who Saved Her Life

Just like humans, animals have feelings, too. The fact that animals, both wild and domestic animals, understand what happens and are grateful for our kindness. They never forget to thank us for the love and care we give them. And the touching story of Abigail, the adorable rescued kangaroo, proves it.

Kangaroos are sweet, gentle, and affectionate creatures, but Abigail is probably the most affectionate rescued kangaroo in the world. Everyday she starts her day by hugging the people who care for her at the Kangaroo Sanctuary. She lets them know how grateful she feels by giving them hugs and cuddles.

Little Abigail arrived at the Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs when she was only a few months old. She lost her mom, so volunteers at the sanctuary welcomed her with open arms and gave her their care and love to make sure that she is happy and healthy.

In a Facebook back in 2013, one of the volunteers at the sanctuary wrote: “Abi came to me as an orphan of 5 months old and was quite busted up with cuts and scrapes. And [she] is my only kangaroo who comes up and gives a great big rugby tackle cuddle.”

She has been living with her caretakers for ten years, and now she has developed a strong relationship with them. And of course, her kind-hearted caretakers love her just as much! Abi’s hugging habit has been going on for years, so now the volunteers can’t imagine their lives without this cute and affectionate animal. It’s so sweet!

Watch the video of the kangaroo Abi giving hugs to her rescuers:

Nothing more beautiful than loving cuddles from Queen AbiFor licensing or usage please contact

Posted by The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs on Saturday, October 1, 2016

It is unfortunate that we humans often forget about the importance of gratitude. For this reason, let’s share this story with your friends and family members to make a positive change.

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