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Exhausted Koala Emerges From The Bushfires And Approaches Cyclists To Beg For Drink Of Water

Catastrophic and unprecedented bushfires in Australia have caused massive devastation to wildlife, ecosystems and the environment. Many species of plants and animals may have been wiped out in bushfires. Between the extreme heat of wildfires, many animals in the area are doing everything possible to seek relief. Many poor koalas have been emerging from the bushfires to ask people for water and a little compassion.


Anna Heusler was riding her bike with a group of friends when they saw a tired and desperate koala wandering along the road. They quickly took some photos and stopped to see what the poor guy needed. It was apparent that he was waiting for someone to come by.


The koala was clearly thirsty, so the group decided to give him a drink. However, before they could offer, he was already asking by climbing up Heusler’s bicycle tires. The smart koala saw an opportunity to ask for a drink of water and didn’t want to miss it. “[He] walked right up to me as I was descending and climbed up onto my bike,” Heusler posted on Instagram.


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For this special guy, rather than wait for aid, he took matters into his own little hands and went searching for it himself. Thankfully, the bikers were there at the right time to help the poor koala. “It was genuinely the best thing they’ve witnessed,” she wrote. “What a truly wonderful experience.”


The surviving animals are understandably scared and lacking natural resources after the bushfire crisis. We are, however, deeply grateful for all the volunteers, firefighters, and people from around the world who have been coordinating aid in this catastrophe.

Don’t forget to send prayers to Australia and share this story with your friends and family members!

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