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Rescue Pit Bull Filled With Joy While Discovering Her Brand-New Yard

Mia was in extremely bad health condition when people saw her on the streets of Akron, Ohio. She was lucky enough to have a nice person taking her to an emergency vet for a timely health check. Shortly afterward the poor Pettie was taken to a rescue, where she met her new mom and dad at the beginning of last year. That day, her life was completely changed.


According to The Dodo, Mia is now living a healthy and gleeful life with her new family. She loves walking around with them, or even running around when she’s in the mood. Most of the time, Mia is calm and, somehow, foolish. But whenever the energy bursts out of nowhere, she could be really hyperactive.


.Mia has always been interested in outdoor activities. However, since her parents’ yard didn’t have any fence, she couldn’t go anywhere without her leash on. It’s such an inconvenience as she wasn’t able to be truly free to have fun however she wanted to. Mia used to wander the streets, so it was obviously not easy for her to be constrained in one place like that. So after a short while of struggling, the Clapp family decided to do what’s best for their dear daughter: building a fence.


The work was undoubtedly not simple, it took them two months of hard-working to build the fence in their yard. However, the sweetest reaction of Mia proved that it was evidently worth it.

As soon as the fence was completed, they were very eager to show Mia the fruits of their labor, and they were not disappointed at all. Mia was so delighted to find out that she could do whatever she wanted in her new territory. No strings attached.

See how much Mia loved her new yard in the video below:


Right from the very first steps, Mia went crazy. The pure joy was written on her face. After such a difficult past, Mia surely deserved the best things like that.


Clapp also shared that the pittie ran freely in that yard for almost an hour, and the yard had become her favorite playground ever since, especially in the summer. The winter was tougher though. According to Clapp, Mia loved the snow but she couldn’t bear the cold, so the time she spent outside during winter was kind of short.

Mia can now happily hang out with her friends in her own fenced-in yard. Although the girl does like having a good time with the outside world, this yard is still a perfect place for Mia to have fun, chill and enjoy life, a place she belongs with.

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