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Boy Busted Into Tears As He Received Surprise Birthday Puppy From His Late Dad

Dads are amazing real-life heroes, there’s no doubt about that. They would do literally everything for their kids unconditionally, as long as it makes them happy. And Joe Kavaluskis is such a man.

If you follow T&T Creative Media, you may already have heard of his son Logan about one year ago. In the video posted by T&T, Logan Kavaluskis was given a small, cute Boston Terrier puppy in a car. Everything seemed perfectly normal, until his cousin started talking. “It’s from your dad. That’s your dog,” he said.

That was when Logan got really emotional. “Really?” Logan asked twice, as if he couldn’t believe his own ears.

If you’re wondering why Joe didn’t hand his son the dog himself, here’s the touching reason behind the scene: Joe passed away of cancer, just a few days before his son’s 13th birthday.

The poor man had been fighting against myeloma cancer for nine years long. Joe was also allergic to the fur of animals, so despite Logan had always hoped for a dog, he was never allowed to.

Screenshot, T&T Creative Media

However, in the last days of his life, Joe made sure his wife Melanie would help him fulfil their youngest son’ biggest wish. We could only guess that Joe just wanted Logan to have a new friend to stay by his side after his dad was gone, maybe. The puppy later showed up just as Joe planned, and, as we can see in the video above, Logan loved his surprise birthday puppy, a lot.

Screenshot, T&T Creative Media

According to the Animal Rescue Site (ARS), at first Logan’s family only told him they were about to drive north for a puppy, but didn’t reveal who that puppy was for. Later they pulled in a gas station to take a picture of Logan and the pup, and that’s when he learned about the truth.

Their bond was born right at that moment.

Melanie Kavaluskis

The amusing Terrier was named Indy. Currently, Indy is living happily as an irreplaceable member of the Kavaluskis family in their loving home in Hudsonville, Michigan. The picture above is proof that not only Logan, his brother Ryan absolutely loves Indy too.

Yes, Joe may have gone to another world, but his love for his family is still there, and will forever be there.

H/T: Daily Paws

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