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Redditors Reimagine Photo Of A Flexible Cat In Hilarious Photoshop Battle

Photoshop Battles (PSBattle) never cease to delight us with the hilarious creations rendered by skilled participants, all inspired by a single photograph. The latest Photoshop battle began when WhyMentionMyUsername uploaded a photo of a cat striking a Heisman Trophy-esque pose to Reddit’s Photoshop Battles community.

As soon as the Photoshop Battlers saw this flexible feline’s pose, they were inspired to bend the image in even stranger directions. Check out some of our favorite Battle images below and SHARE with your friends and your family!

Cat-titude: It all began here with Reddit user WhyMentionMyUsername posting a picture of a stretchy cat for others to use in the ‘Photoshop battle’

#1. Meow-sician: Cruzinjosh saw the pet as more like the King of Cats, teaming up alongside Michael Jackson

#2. Claw-some: In PosiBot’s rendition, the cat was out on the field and a taking on whoever stands in his way

#3. Purr-fiction: The kitty seems to have trouble strutting his stuff on the dancefloor in the cult classic Pulp Fiction

#4. Cat fight! Man is no match for this fearsome feline when out on the street

#5. Meow-nificent: Heading straight into battle, port443 saw the cat loom as large as a lion in place of Napoleon Bonapart

#6. Cat fight!

#7. Teacher!

#8. Cat famous!

#9. Karate cat!

#10. Meow-nificent: The original poster of the cat picture managed to integrate the cat into that of The Creation of Adam in the Sistine Chapel.

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