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Puppy Had An Embarrassing Day At The Pool That He Never Wants To Let Anyone Know

Embarrassing moments are a given part of life, and there’s no escaping them. These moments can happen to anyone, especially our beloved pets.

This is Ludo, the adorable one-eyed pup, who had an embarrassing moment when soaking up the sun out back by the pool. Everything was clearly pretty good and it seemed to be a nice day until he woke up from a nap, stretched out and fell in the pool.

Image Credits: @stilesAMscott//Twitter

The chubby pup probably thought no one knew his nice day at the pool went embarrassingly wrong. However, he was wrong because that moment was caught on the family’s security camera.

“My dog took a real nice after nap stretch and fell in the pool,” Scott wrote in a post. Fortunately, Ludo made a graceful recovery after falling into the pool.

The video was shared on social media and has garnered well over 3 million views. Ludo’s mishap and his embarrassing little slip-up has gone viral and become an internet sensation. Don’t tell him how famous he is, he will be shy. Just kidding!

If you love Ludo and his video, please share it with everyone!

H/T: Dogsome

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