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Play Hide And Seek, Dog Gets Confused When Noticing His Owners In The Mirror

Dogs love playing with their owners, hide and seek, for instance. Nothing is better than joining their humans in games and activities, making them more exciting. These guys are very smart. They can spot exactly where their owners are hiding.

Moose, an adorable 10-month-old Golden Retriever in this story, is an example. He is fond of playing hide and seek with his owners, Shane and Lindsay.

But the good boy got a bit confused when frantically looking around for Shane in their home. Moose noticed Shane in the mirror but didn’t see him in person.

Shane hid behind their bathroom door. When Moose came to the bathroom, he was still all hectic and giddy with excitement. He couldn’t stop wagging his tail while shuffling from corner to corner in search of Shane.

When Moose finally caught a glimpse of Shane in the mirror, he jumped on the bathroom counter and stood still for a while.

The dog needed to process what he was seeing in the mirror. There is something usual. Why does he see the reflection of him, Shane and Lindsay.

Noticeably, Moose soon found out how the mirror worked. He quickly turned around and jumped towards Shane. What a smart boy!

The video that caught Moose’s hilarious expressions was shared on the Internet and went viral. People all fall in love with the born cuteness of the dog. His expressions are so real.

You can watch funny video of Moose seeking his owner here.

If you are a fan of Goldie or simply looking for adorable dog stories, just give this a look. Have fun!

Image credits: Caters Clips / lindsaygrace12 / _mcrae10

h/t: Bored Panda

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