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Heartbroken Cat Finds Happiness When His Parents Bring Home A Blind Pittie Puppy

Oscar is a ginger cat who had a best friend named Dexter. The cat was very close with Dex and loved to do everything with him. For this reason, when Dex left, Oscar was heartbroken and really missed his best buddy. However, everything had changed after the cat met a blind pittie puppy named Jude. From a heartbroken cat, he became much more playful and happier.


Before moving into Oscar’s house, Jude lived in Lennon’s Legacy Sanctuary. Despite being blind, he never let anything stop him from living his best life. He loved to play and liked to chase goats. Everyone at the sanctuary was absolutely astounded at how well he navigated the house. He was so full of energy and got on well with the other animals.


Jude loves the cat Oscar and spends quite a lot of time with him. He helped the heartbroken cat feel happy again. Not only does he help the cat, but he also helps the whole family and makes their lives happier and brighter.


“When he first came to us, my promise to him was that his life would matter. And that’s why I like to share him with everybody else. He’s been a great healer for all of our family,” the owners shared.

Watch the video here to see the full story:

The blind puppy Jude shows the heartbroken cat Oscar how to be happy. If you love Jude, you can keep up with him on Instagram.

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