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People Living With More Than 3 Pets Reveal What It’s Like, And It’s Truly Hilarious!

#11 3 Pets Are Not Enough

#12 My Husband Managed To Capture These Sweet (And Rare) Photos Of All Three Of Our Pets Together. I Was Alone When I Fell Asleep, But I Guess They Wanted To Join In On The Fun

#13 Well, The Cats Have Noticed The Halloween Decorations

#14 This Is What Happens When You Sleep Through Breakfast Time

#15 My Five Dogs May Be Very Different, But They Are A True Pack

#16 My Aunt And Uncle Have 20 + Husky Dogs And Have This Problem Every Single Night

#17 Kittens Are Scary

#18 My Mom Just Had Double Knee Surgery. Her Pets Have Made It Their Responsibility To Comfort Her

#19 Pets Are Cute And All, But This Is The Harsh Reality

#20 Crazy Pack, Huh?

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