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Parrot Screams “Let Me Out” And Brings Cops To The Home

Pets bring surprise all the time, but this one is probably one of the funniest and most unforgettable events of this family.

A neighbor in Florida happened to hear someone cry out for help in a feminine screaming voice. So, they called the police.

The moment the cops came, they never expected the truth to be so hilarious. In the footage, a man is joyfully working on his vehicle while police are entering. When he hears the question, he knows right away who is behind.

He leaves and comes back a minute later with the culprit perched on his hand. It’s Rambo, an Amazon parrot.

The man explained that he had had this parrot since his childhood. As a young boy, he taught Rambo to cry for help to piss off his parents, but he never expected that would become his problem. He said he was too familiar with the bird’s speech to think about how it might alarm people around him.

After the hilarity, Rambo got to show off his talent to calm the neighbor and the reinforcement down, gaining him fame for several minutes. The old bird has picked up a range of vocabularies for his memory.

Many thanks go to the family neighbor who was so concerned about the worst scenario. Of course, they got Rambo to come to their house to prove the suspicion was, fortunately, not a crime.

Do you like Rambo and his talent? Let’s share this funny story.

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