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Calculating Cat Thinks Long And Hard Before Hitting Dog

Just like us, animals, especially cats, also have many things to consider before making a big decision. Recently, a video newly going viral across social media has viewers in laughter realizing it not only shows the mischievous and trouble-making sides of a cat but represents something we all face in life – thinking before making a decision.

In footage captured by Ruto the cat’s owner on Twitter, the black-and-white cat Ruto perched on an armrest can be seen staring intently at dog Howie. The unsuspecting dog was enjoying a TV program on the couch while the calculating cat was thinking for a bit before gingerly lifting one paw and preparing to pat the dog’s face.

With all that preparation and all that strategy, the dog got a decisive smack in the face. The catnip video ended when the dog spun around to bare its teeth at the cat, but the feline quickly leaped from the sofa.

Thankfully, a subsequent tweet did confirm that the two foes came back normal after the incident. We wish their friendship continues and also hope their antics make their way to us again to give everyone a good laugh.

Watch the video here:

This is the moment a cat thinks long and hard before hitting the dog sitting next to it.

“Please enjoy this video of my cat being an absolute idiot. Note the look on her face the entire time,” the Twitter user wrote, accompanying the clip that has since been viewed more than 11 million times.

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H/T: Animal Channel / Image: @YouTube/Vitaly Petrukhin

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