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Nice IKEA Store In Italy Opens Its Door To Protect Stray Dog In Winter

A series of touching photographs of staffs at this IKEA store in Catania, Italy protecting stray dogs from the cold are warming hearts of animal lovers all over the world. IKEA has gone above and beyond merely selling furnishing to fill a house, they’ve begun providing a home to pups who need it most.One day, Martine Taccia was on her way for a shopping trip when she noticed some dogs who nestled cozily among a living room display. It turns out, the dogs were local strays. The store opened its doors to allow the dogs inside and stay warm. They give them refuge and the welcome came with more than just a safe place to stay.The dogs took up the invitation and made themselves comfortable, no doubt grateful for a place to warm up and sleep. They receive daily food and pampering from IKEA’s employees and customers.The IKEA store did not advertise about this, but many customers have been very happy to discover these dogs while shopping. Some dogs have even been lucky to be adopted by customers. Touched by the store’s gesture of kindness, Taccia captured a video of the heartwarming scene.

Una bella iniziativa per dare riparo ai randagi mentre fuori piove…..tutto questo succede nel centro commerciale di IKEA(Catania- Sicily ☀)tra lo stupore di molti passanti,mia figlia emozionata mi ha mandato questo video! Vogliamo applaudire questa civiltà?????????????????????

Posted by Vittoria Taccia Gabrielli on Saturday, November 10, 2018

This isn’t the first time IKEA has advocated for animals, they once partnered with Home For Hope in a campaign to encourage pet adoption by placing cardboard cutouts of shelter dogs in its stores.This is not the first place, or time, the stray animals are helped. Last year, an Imam opened a mosque to allow stray cats inside to have shelter from the cold. Also, a cafe on the Greek island of Lesbos opened its doors to the street dogs at night.“If all the stores that had the space would make a place of refuge for strays, I would be really happy,” Liotta, a customer of IKEA said. And Liotta’s certainly not alone.This is an amazing story. Please share with your friends and family!
(h/t: The Dodo)