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Newborn Kitten Falls From Sky, Lands In Loving Hands Of Kind Woman

Kendera White was jogging one morning when an animal fell from the sky and landed next to her. Running for the spot where the animal fell, she was shocked when realizing it was a tiny newborn kitten who still had his eyes closed.

Kendera knew she couldn’t leave the baby behind. So, she quickly pooped the kitten into her sports bra and took him to Matt Smith Vets in Chesterfield, where he would be taken care of and loved.

White said: “I saw something drop through the air on my left and then I heard a really high-pitched meow, I’m a bit of a cat freak so I knew instantly that it was the sound of a kitten.

“Then I saw this little grey thing on the floor, no bigger than a golf ball. I thought it’s got to have been a bird of prey and there’s no way I’m going to be able to find out where he came from.”

When the kitten arrived at the vet’s office, he drank a full bottle of milk. Thankfully, he was miraculously unharmed, he was just bruised on a few spots. “It is amazing how he escaped with no broken bones but when they’re little they’re very pliable. It was his lucky day!”

He was named Sky and was handed in to Matt Smith Vets. He is now living happily with four other week-old former stray kittens. Sue Crisp, receptionist at Matt Smith Vets, said: “We called him Sky because that’s where he came from!

Ms Crisp added: “He’s now got four brothers from another mother it’s amazing, they’re chubbier than him and have their eyes open whereas his are still closed. He’s gorgeous and doing absolutely fine.”

We are so happy to know that Sky is enjoying his happy life at Matt Smith Vets and he will easily find his forever home that he deserves.

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