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Meet Starlight, The Sunburned Kitten Grows Up To Be Gorgeous And Fluffy

Starlight was found all alone on a footpath when she was just a few days old. It was a 38°C day in the middle of summer and nobody knew how long she was wandering around before she was spotted. Thankfully, a kind woman saved her and decided to be her foster mom.

When the foster mom first saw Starlight, she was shocked and worried because she was very scared and sick. She was badly sunburned and only weighed 85g. For this reason, her mom quickly took her to the vet for a check-up.

“She was like a belly on legs because her legs were so skinny and little toothpicks. She wasn’t heavily fluffy so you could see how red her skin was on her, belly, especially her legs and her paws,” her foster mom said.

But no matter how difficult her life was, Starlight never gave up and tried to survive. And thanks to her amazing resilient spirit, a miracle happened. She grew into a wonderfully fluffy and happy cat.

Watch the full story of Starlight below:

If you love Starlight, you can keep up with her and all of her adventures on Instagram.

H/t: The Dodo

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