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Japanese Artist Creates Adorable Fluffy Animals On Vegetables

I just love animal illustrations. They’re creative and amazing. These designs give humans, in general, and pet owners, in particular, a better understanding of the animals around us. A Japanese artist who is known as PonkichiM on Instagram creates adorable fluffy animals on popular vegetables. From Chinese cabbage dog to lotus root fox, these illustrations can amaze both kids and adults alike. They are incredibly cute.

We’ve rounded up 30 of the best designs of PonkichiM in this post. The artist successfully gets viewers hooked with the lovable concept of what would happen if animals were vegetables. This approaches us, humans quite easily as the demonstrations are awesome. Not just that, the vegetables he uses for this design are popular, so we will be more curious about it. And you, ready to give these a look? Here we go!

1. Lotus Root Fox

2. Potato Cow

3. Coriander Chinchilla

4. Cauliflower Lhama

5. Spinach Owl

6. Daikin Radish Fox

7. Pumpkin Cat

8. Shiitake Mushroom Weasel

9. Chinese Cabbage Dog

10. Peanut Walrus

11. Eggplant Cat

12. Cabbage Tasmanian Devil

13. Garlic Dog

14. Soybean Panda

15. Chinese Chives Honey Badger

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