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Iranian Artist Creates Illustrations Showing The Harsh Reality Of Doctors During Coronavirus Outbreak

Nobody expected 2020 to be like this, but it has really been a tough pill to swallow in more ways than one. This year, people around the world are filled with thoughts of fear and worry between the violence and the pandemic of the 21st century – coronavirus.

People have been encouraged to stay home and must do everything they can to stay at home. All theaters, cinemas, and schools have closed to reduce the spread of coronavirus. All hospitals around the world filled with patients, some even unable to help others.

And in order to reflect on the world’s current situation and show us how to adapt to these uneasy and extreme times, a 39-year-old artist named Alireza Pakdel from Iran decided to create mindful illustrations and shared them with us.

His illustrations capture the harsh reality of those who sacrifice themselves to take care of us and show how to fight the spread of this invisible enemy. Doctors, policemen, firemen, and nurses are the protagonists of these illustrations who we must respect.

Through these illustrations, Pakdel masterfully highlights the power of solidarity, empathy, and protection for one another. Scroll down to check for yourself!

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1. They miss their family.

2. I feel this needs a little context as some may not realize the significance of the items on the cart or the image. This is meant to show a Haft Seen. The Haft Seen is a traditional display of items signifying spring and rebirth. For Iranians, the first day of spring is also the start of the new year, Nowruz, and so it occurred during this crisis. Nowruz is meant to be a time of celebration and family, not being in quarantine in a hospital bed. This is meant to show doctors doing what they can to make patients feel more at home and bring what little comfort they can during a time that that is meant to be joyful.

3. This is so sweet!

4. The doctors are the Harry Potter clan. Coronavirus is Voldemort.

5. This one made us cry.

6. They are the soldiers on the frontline fighting for their patients’ lives. They are committed to their patients and they are laying down their lives for them.

7. This is beautiful. So many heroes in the workd today.

8. Depict all our heroes trying to contain the Covid 19. Thank you.

9. If only defeating the virus was that easy…

10. Secretly Snow White

11. We praise the nurses and the doctors. But don’t forget about them. The janitors and custodians are working harder than ever to slow the virus spread.

12. Doctors, nurses, researchers… they are the ones who will save people in this crisis. But don’t forget: janitors, utility workers, and all those who are keeping the rest of society functioning.

13. Isolation is literally buy time

14. They are saving people’s lives in their own country.

15. This is sad but true

16. The explanation says it’s “—a group of doctors holding the arrows of the clock to wait for the vaccine”

17. People we need to stay home it’s only spreading and we the citizens are making it worse

18. Disinfect even if you aren’t sick!!!!!!

19. The job of every healthcare worker — spread joy and fight the virus!

20. Doctors are protecting their patients.

21. Home safe home

22. It is “Samani” we call in Azerbaijan, we plant it or decorate our rooms in Novruz- for celebration of spring arrival. As well as novruz symbolisez the new year in the past. Iran, Azerbaijan and other nations in the Central Asia celebrate this festivity since over 2 thousands ago… It resembles Pasqua-Easter in Western countries.


Staying in will squash the spread of the virus

24. The wind is blowing away from shore!

25. The book is quran, and in Iranian culture when someone is leaving if you pour some water on their footsteps they will come back safe. It’s all about safety.

26. There have been a lot of charlatans telling people they have a cure (I don’t know who the Iranian equivalent of Jim Baker is, but I guess some exist). There is no cure yet, just treatment for the symptoms and methods for keeping yourself safe until there is a specific treatment and/or vaccine.

27. “We will defeat Corona.”

28. Turning cars (travel) into houses (stay at home)

29. He is saying “I’ll do whatever I want, without any cares”. And the virus about to infect him is looking at him as though he’s lost his mind.

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