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Indoor Cat Loves To Play In Snow, So His Family Brings It Inside For Him

At 6 months old, this adorable kitten was just a stray kitten living in the streets. However, everything had changed when he met a man named Nate Troy in a parking lot. The kitten decided that Nate would be his new dad, so he hopped into Nate’s car to come home with him. Although Nate has a severe allergy to cats, he knew he couldn’t say no to the friendly kitten.

After bringing the kitten home, Nate and his wife decided to call him Dibs. The kitten got his adorable name because he “called dibs” on them when he chose them to be his humans.

“Nate has a severe dander allergy but knew that Dibs had chosen him to be his human,” Sara Stromseth-Troy, Dibs’ mom, told The Dodo.

In order to help Dibs adjust to his new indoor life and to manage his dad’s allergies, his family let him be an indoor/outdoor cat at first. However, one time when he was playing outside, his parents discovered that he really loved playing in the snow.

“That first winter, Dibs played outside in the snow for hours, frolicking, leaping and having the time of his life. I have never seen anything like it.” Sara shared.

It became safer to keep Dibs inside all the time, but his parents still wanted to indulge him and give him the same feeling of playing outdoors, especially in the snow. For this reason, they decided to bring his beloved snow inside for him to play in it.

Dibs the #SnowKitty plays in the snow

Hi! I'm Dibs the Cat, but some people call me #SnowKitty. After this video of me playing in the snow got thousands of 'likes' and 'shares' on Cat Mom's Facebook page, my cat parents decided I am really "all that" and it is beyond time that I have my very own Facebook page. Here is the video that made me famous! My cat parents found me as a stray kitten and took me to their house. They let me stay outside for the first year and I loved it, but I got into some fights with other cats and they were worried I would run away. So, now I am always inside the house. Cat Mom and Cat Dad know how much I miss the snow, so they brought the snow to me!

Posted by Dibs the #SnowKitty on Sunday, November 10, 2019

After a heavy snowfall, Nate scooped up a shovelful of snow and brought it indoors. As soon as Dibs saw it, he completely freaked out with joy. Dibs meowed with glee and excitedly rolled around in the snow as Nate dumped it onto the floor of their enclosed front porch.

Now, every time it snows, Dibs’ parents always bring the snow inside for him, and he gets excited all over again. It is clear that Dibs’ parents love him so much and are always happy to do whatever they can to bring him joy.

Sara shared, “He is always excited when he sees the shovelful of snow and we call out, ‘Dibs!! Snow.’ He meows back to us in response and runs out to the porch each time.”

Dibs the #SnowKitty, Take 2!

Moooorrreee Snnooowwww!!!!!

Posted by Dibs the #SnowKitty on Monday, November 11, 2019

If you love the adorable Dibs and all of his snow adventures, you can follow him on his Facebook page.

Do your cats like snow? If the answer is yes, let your kitty explore the snow safely and let them guide you as to their preference. Please share this post with your friends and family members!

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