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Gender Announcement Prank From A Couple – For Their New Baby Dog

For a married couple, having a baby is probably the most expected deed not only to them but also their friends and family. However, when Alicia and Kyle Castillo got married, they didn’t think that early about having their own little ones. They want to make time for traveling first while feeling satisfying with Hank, a 9-year-old Lab.

At the beginning of this marriage life, the couple was constantly asked about their plan for babies. After two years, Alicia and Kyle felt fed up. They got too tired of the same question and annoyed to repeat, “Not any time soon?

They decided to have a baby, but not a human one, but a dog. And they had a plan to bring this “news” to a serious gender reveal event to get their nosy surrounding off their backs.

Castillo wanted the reveal to be as elaborate as a real one. They learned from social media how-to videos to set up and took pictures of the process, later posted on their Facebook.

The couple in their gender reveal photoshoot

The photoshoot was published with the couple opening the box, looking happily like never in the first few pictures. They also strategically omitted the puppy part, excluded it in the text. Not until the last picture, the secret is revealed, making everyone to scroll.

People flocked into congrats with best wishes and laughed loudly as they got the fact that the baby is actually a little furry ball.

And the truth

This new member is named Cooper James Castillo. He is a little goofy, derpy dog full of energy that joins well in Hank’s company.

The new little member with his brother

Now the four are living happily. And may the baby question stops coming until they are ready for a real one.

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