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Famous Cat Honored With His Own Statue At His Favorite Spot

Meet Tombii, a cherished neighborhood cat who with a calm and cool personality captured many people’s hearts in Istanbul. It’s unclear if Tombili had a home of his own, but he was rather chubby and was beloved by all the locals. He became an Internet sensation after passersby snapped and shared a photograph of him in a relaxed pose on the streets.
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Residents at the Istanbul said that he would love to lounge and watch the world go by. Also, he was cool and carefree behavior towards those who wanted to love, cuddle and play with him. He was always happy to stay in his signature pose whenever passerby wanted to capture a photo with him.

Sadly, Tombili left the world in August by an unknown illness. Soon after his passing, a statue of Tombili created in his favorite lounging spot to show the local’s appreciation for their chubby feline friend.

Now the Tombii’s pose has been immortalized in the form of a bronze statue that was inaugurated on Oct. 4 on World Animal Day in 2016. It’ll forever be there to remind everybody about Tombili with its very own statue.

Before Tombii’s statue was placed at his favorite spot, one of his fans wrote a note (as translated on Reddit): “You will live in our hearts. Mascot of our street, beloved TOMBILI lost his struggle for life after a month and closed his eyes to life on first of August.”

Rest in peace Tombii! We always miss you!

(h/t: The dodo)

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