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Elderly Cats And Dogs Make A Photoshoot In “Grandparent” Style For Adoption

16. Meatball

17. He is the hunk of love.

18. He is sweet, handsome, active, and ready to find a forever home.

19. Noke

20. Noke has been a citizen of the shelter for 265 days. She is voted the best girl here!

21. Caliber

22. Caliber loves playing with tennis balls and running in the fenced yard

23. He is around 7 years old but can still offer love and comfort to humans around him.

24. Sharphie.

25. She has been waiting for adoption in the shelter for 152 days.

26. She’s kind of a big deal, a celebrity of the shelter!

27. Bambi

28. Bambi is a sweet senior girl.

29. She is a fun-loving, happy-all-the-time dog.

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