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Cat Reacts Hilariously To His Human’s Smelly Feet

You know those days when you kick off your shoes and realize your feet smell like they’ve been soaking in a rotting swamp the entire day? A Japanese YouTuber recently uploaded a hilarious clip featuring his cat’s reaction to his presumably stinky feet. The short video starts off with the cat playing with the man’s foot. After being tempted by the wiggling toes, the cat decides that it wants to check out what’s going on down there. Then came the initial realization that something isn’t right…
The kitty paws and gnaws at it for a second before raising his head back and away from the offending body part. After one whiff of that smelly foot, the cat’s face says it all. Amazingly, the reaction was caught on camera and it will make you burst out laughing.
Sroll down to check out the action and drama for yourself, the cat’s reaction is priceless!

Watch video here!