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Cat Arrives Home, Brings Along A ‘Friend’ That Has Quickly Gone Viral

If you have a cat that loves roaming around in your backyard, you’ve probably installed a cat flap into your backdoor. This cat flap is perfect for adventurous animals. Your cat can wander to its heart’s content, and you don’t have to always get up to open the door for them.

Sometimes, though, something unexpected may follow the cat in!

Back in 1999, a family who lived out in the countryside had a surprising visitor come in through their cat flap. Luckily, they had a video camera out and ready to capture the moment. This video may have been shot almost twenty years ago, but the cuteness in it is timeless!

At first, everything seems normal.

The cat comes in and wanders through the living room, probably going to find a place to take a nap.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

But then, a few seconds later, the flap opens again. In walks a tiny little fawn, folding its skinny legs tightly so it can fit through the door. We have to wonder what the fawn was thinking at that moment. Did it wonder if had gone through a portal to another dimension? Or was it simply searching for somewhere warm to spend a few hours?

Source: Youtube Screenshot

The fawn walks right towards the camera. The video ends with the fawn approaching the cameraman.

Source: Youtube Screenshot

In comments below the video, some people imagined the conversation between the cat and its owner.

Other people decided to try to recreate the moment in their home.

Other commenters wondered if the fawn would be invited to stay for a nice hot meal.

While we don’t know what happened after the video, one thing’s for sure: both the fawn and the family were very surprised to see each other! You can see the whole cute scene in the video below.

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h/t: Animal Channel

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