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Owner Poses For A Kissing Selfie With Her Cat But Doesn’t Expect Cat’s Reaction

Whatever the reason, it can be pretty annoying when someone tries to take an unauthorised selfie of you because sometimes you don’t want to be in a photo and you feel frumpy. In this case, maybe you deny, hide your face or you will go out. Cats are the same as you, they also feel unhappy if they don’t like to selfie. Let’s try to guess what will cats do in this case?

A viral video recorded in Yakutsk, Russia which shows the woman is pouting at the camera, looking backwards, waiting for her pet to give her a kiss or at least get closer to the camera. As the camera keeps rolling, the beautiful white feline creeps forward. In a hilarious twist, the cat pauses near her shoulder and plants its feet. However, the woman is oblivious to the impending pain she is about to experience and holds her pouty pose, waiting for the cat. The cat jumps forward and smacks the woman in the face and it is oh so funny. The cheeky feline then jumps back, springing out of the way of any possible retaliation. “Stop making that stupid face stupid human before I slap it off of your face” the cat thought. But its owner takes it in good spirit, bursting into laughter as the camera jerks and the clip ends.

It’s the hilarious moment. This funny video will definitely put a smile on your face so check it out and don’t forget to share this video with your friends and your family!

Credit: ViralHog

Watch video here!

Cat Slapped

Cat Slapped

Posted by ViralHog on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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