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Cat Adopts Baby Chick And Nurses Him As Her Own Kitten

We all know that humans aren’t the only creatures that adopt babies and animals. Just like us, parents in the animal kingdom adopt and raise babies that aren’t their own, and even other species. That proves love comes in many different forms and sources, and it doesn’t have any boundaries in size or species.

If you don’t believe, this article will show you an amazing example of a cat adopting a baby chick. We are sure that this video might touch your heart and might be the sweetest thing you’ll see today.

One adorable pair to recently win the hearts of many is a cat named Oscar and a baby chick named Albert. Though these two adorable animals belong to different species, they could form the most adorably unexpected relationship. They love each other and spend their time most adorably.

Oscar even adopts and raises Albert as if he is her own. As you can see in the video, the mama cat lets the little chick perch on her stomach and snuggle in her fur for warmth. Albert the baby chick loves his mom and his comfortable spot so much.

“People don’t believe it’s true, but Oscar is very loving. She’s purring and caring for her baby very tenderly.”

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