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Bobby Bat Ears – The Precious Rescue Kitten Has The Cutest Special Talent

“Bobby Bat Ears” is the nickname of Booby, a rescue kitten has the cutest special talent. He can wiggle his ears while he’s being bottle fed.

Bobby was found abandoned with two other kittens under a lemon bush in Melbourne, Australia. They may be rejected by their mom or got separated from their family. The poor kittens were taken to Mount Waverley Animal Emergency Centre, where they received care, but they were at risk of being euthanized.

Thankfully, a foster carer Annemarie Veneros saved the kittens and took care of them. Because Bobby is so small and without his mother, he needs to be bottle fed to make sure he gets the proper nutrients to get bigger and stronger. However, when Annemarie began feeding Bobby, she realized that he would wiggle his ears every time he was fed.

For this reason, she captured a video of him and 2nd Chance Cat Rescue posted it on YouTube with a tip: ‘Please note Bobby is upright. You never bottle feed a kitten on its back.’ Amazingly, more than 3 million people have clicked to watch this cute kitten, and the video quickly went viral.

Watch how adorable he is in the video below!

As you can see on the video, Bobby was so happy with his meal, he wiggled his ears to say thank you. Have you ever seen a kitten or cat do anything like this before? If you think this rescue kitten is just too precious, please share Bobby with all your cat-loving friends!

h/t: iHeartCats

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