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Baby Deer Breaks Into Family’s Backyard To Cool Off In Their Swimming Pool

Summer has come into full bloom after many months of cool weather. Of course, we have many strategies that we use to keep ourselves cool during the summer months. And swimming is one of the best choices to help us beat the heat. It’s perfect if you can find a pool nearby where you can swim the heat away. And animals are no exception.

A young deer broke into Brittney Benincasa family’s backyard almost every day for a soothing dip in their swimming pool. Everything was going well until Benincasa came home to find the deer lying by her pool soaking wet. Brittney called animal control and kept an eye on the deer but was shocked by what happened next.

Image: YouTube Screenshot

“What I thought was going to be a fall into the pool, was actually a step down into it,” Brittney told “Then she just started to pace back and forth near the jets, because she clearly liked the massage, that was very obvious. And then, she just stepped down again and started to swim laps around the pool, like she belonged there. Like she owned the place.”

The animal control officer helped guide the deer out of the yard, but she came back for several days after that, squeezing through a gap in the fence and taking a dip in the pool.

Fortunately, the chemicals used to treat it are salt based, not chlorine based. And now, the family also doesn’t mind the unusual guest enjoying their pool because they think that the deer will soon be too big to squeeze through the fence. Therefore, the family has a cool story to tell and the deer has a place to cool off.

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