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10+ Unusual Animal Friendships Caught On Camera That Will Melt Your Heart (New Pics)

Nature is filled with odd friendships between animals. These unusual friendships show that animals have emotions and are capable of feeling love and compassion just like we are. They even can form even stronger connections than humans do and these bonds can last a lifetime.

In our previous posts, we have mentioned unusual animal friendships in the animal kingdom that show us no boundaries exist between friends. So, in this post, we would like to share with you new photos of very unexpected yet awesome friendships.

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1. “They get along fairly well.”

2. Deep down, the owlet loves this.

3. “My dog has been teaching my kitten how weekends work. He’s a fast learner and they make a pretty good team.”

4. Befriending a horse helps you save a ton on bus fare.

5. It’s always nice to have a friend watching over you.

6. These are clearly 2 of a kind!

7. This farm looks like one big party. The dog is the bouncer…

8. We all need a buddy to just hang with.

9. There’s nothing like love’s first kiss.

10. This dog is teaching her bunny friend to play fetch…