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Adopted Stray Kitten Instantly Bonds With Family Cat

Andreas and Filiz are animal lovers who always help animals in need. For this reason, as coming across an abandoned kitten in a field, they immediately brought him home to raise and care for him.

After a bath, food, and a trip to the vet, the little kitten was feeling much better, so the couple took him home to introduce to their cat. However, on the way back home, they wondered if their cat would accept this new member. Their cat was frustratingly independent, cool and aloof.

Nobody expected much of a welcome from an independent cat, but surprisingly, the family cat instantly bonded with the stray kitten, catching Andreas and Filiz by surprise.

Watch the sweet and adorable video here:

Surely the couple didn’t expect this to happen, so they were shocked when their aloof cat bonded with a stray kitten. The two animals love and trust each other very much, and feel relaxed when they are together.

After all, the kitten found his forever home that he deserves. He is now enjoying his new life with loving owners and a perfect brother.

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H/T: Rumble

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